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If you have a glance at our portfolio, we have worked with wide range of clients, from individual entrepreneurs to large multi-employee organizations and complex international businesses. This is how we work. We partner with potential clients, know their requirements, do brain storming sessions to know their goal, contribute our expertise and foster their success, ultimately creating a Win-Win situation which is today’s mantra of any corporate organization.

Our in-depth understanding and knowledge of our client’s requirements through brain storming sessions allows us to deliver focused accounting service and advisory solutions, both locally and globally tailored to their specific requirements. Our USP is adaptability and flexibility. We tailor our service based on needs and when you need it as we have knowledge of both local and worldwide market.

Flexibility is our main thrust. We can help you in one particular accounting service or offer our complete accounting department.

Our account reporting process provides an opportunity to make constructive financial decisions to maximize your company ROI (Return On Investment). Our value depends on your financial success. Through brain storming, we identify negative rules which are affecting your profitability and offer solutions which are technically practical and feasible.


We provide comprehensive accounting, book keeping services, GST/SST(Sales & Service Tax) Implementation and consulting in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Melaka, Malaysia. Our commitment is to provide timely and accurate financial information to ensure that your business runs smoothly on a daily basis.

*Refer to Royal Malaysian Customs Department for additional Malaysia Goods & Services Tax (GST) information.

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